Sunday, 26 May 2013


82% Pakistani's want strict Islamic Sharia Laws to be implemented in the country: Research.

82% Pakistani's want strict Islamic Sharia laws to be implemented and only 42% population of urban areas are in favor of democratic system, a survey conducted by PEW research center. The participants said that "laws should strictly follow the teachings of the Holy Quran." Survey result sent strong shock waves to the corridors of secularist liberal media which is trying its best to destroy the Islamic and cultural values of Pakistan's social system. 
Survey stated that majority of the Muslims want Islam to be given a large role in the matter of politics and  equal rights for men and women, minorities and should be guarded under pure Islamic legal system. Majority of participants feel that the Democracy is not a good system as it is inherently corrupt system which only guards and promotes the interests of imperialists and corporate culture. Antonio Gramsci said that "Democracy and Capitalism are the two sides of a same coin".
 Despite all the efforts being made by corrupt foreign funded media, people of Pakistan strictly want    Islam to be the part of politics and state, fascist media has launched numerous campaigns to destroy the culture of social system as well as to associate Islam with the terrorism but all their efforts have become useless and they will never succeed into transforming the ideology of Pakistan.

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